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Minivegas have joined the Tribe team. A multi-discplinary collective, Minivegas bring eclectic, experimental and entertaining catalogue of work to our team. Their projects range from a digital ecosphere for the UN, designing a nightclub of the future for Heineken, an interactive installation for UEFA finals or a universe of animated genitalia for Aideas Awareness.

Minivegas clients are as diverse as their skills base - Louis Vuitton, Ray Ban, CNN, Subaru, Adidas, Heineken, Intel, Universal Stuidos and USA Paralympics to name a few.

We are very pleased to welcome Minivegas to the Tribe family.
The Making Of 'White Swan' About a year ago, the making of Worms was released by the Gnomon Workshop, industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment and design industries.

Soon after, I was invited by Alex Alvarez, Director of Gnomon, to do my next music video in collaboration with students of Gnomon, School of Visual Effects. I had a great time and you might have seen the result.

Now I am very excited to announce that the official making of White Swan is finally available! For this DVDset I invited over 10 people of my post production crew.

Together, we give over 17 hours of tutorials on modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, particles, compositing, etc, etc. ...the list is long.

Follow this link to see for yourself:
Kanye likes 'The Machine' It made our day to find Rob Shaw’s short is nestled in among Kayne West’s picks in music, fashion, architecture and design.

Have a look: Rob Shaw’s “The Machine” on Kayne’s blog.

It’s always exciting when an artist whose work and style we respect takes a liking to something made by one of ours!
We collaborated closely with Modest Mouse lead singer/guitarist Isaac Brock during the creation the video for the band’s “Whale Song.” We’re glad to see he’s proud of the result too.

“It’s probably going to be one of my favorite videos we’re ever done,” Brock told Rolling Stone. “… These guys have not held back all. I’m impressed by how much work and creativity is going into that thing. Explaining it might not do it justice.”

We agree that explaining won’t cut it
Steve Scott goes intergalactic in his second collaboration with Will Sweeney for Birdy Nam Nam’s joint-jolting new track” The Parachute Endings”.

When Birdy Nam Nam the French Hip Hop mix-master maestros first contacted cult illustrator Will Sweeney to see if he could help out with a video for their forth coming track release ‘The Parachute Endings’, the first question was how? and what?could be done in the timeframe available. Will through design agency Big Active contacted Steve Scott at Not To Scale to see if he was available and interested in helping out come up with something special and as surprising as the bass thumping music which was remixed and co-produced by electronic music Gallic Gods Justice.

The duo had first teamed up in 2008 to make the opening intro for a music programme ‘The Green Room’ and the thought of trying out the collaboration again on a more ambitious scale proved too tempting.

Brain storming sessions ensued, the band gave Will and Steve total trust and a completely open brief. Will had already illustrated a record sleeve for the Birdy Nam Nam crew (who Pub quizzers may know take their name from a Peter Sellers film ). The sleeve had a sci-fi theme and it felt correct to stay within this territory for the video. The synthesisers in the track lend a very retro filmic quality to the music and Will shared with Steve some of the reference for his own illustrations. Perhaps most relevant the 1971 Cannes Film Festival contender, the beautifully surreal animated feature Planet Sauvage which has an other worldy quality that felt like the perfect reference for the setting and technique which could be sympathetic to Will’s own drawing style. Faced with such a high energy track, without lyrics, it felt right to interpret the music like a lost soundtrack to a bizarre film or forgotten film sequence, a stand alone short film with no reference to the known world or the band.

Because animation promos are so labour intensive and timings were tight the
intention was to use Will’s detailed drawings in a simple and understated way, almost as if shot on a rostrum camera with simple walk cycles and many illustrations as possible re-used. Somewhere this got forgotten and Will and
Steve embarked on selling in an animatic that had 69 shots to cover off, a lot of drawing required and even more animation and compositing to be completed in a insomnia inducing four week schedule.......