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Lucy Walker’s documentaries ‘Blindsight’ and ‘Waste Land’ have both been nominated for Academy Awards.

Her most recent film ‘Waste Land’ is the uplifting story of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and a lively group of catadores, pickers of recyclable materials, who find a way from the world's largest garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro to the most prestigious auction house in London via the surprising transformation of refuse into contemporary art.

'Waste Land' premiered at Sundance 2010 and is the first film ever to win the Audience Awards at both Sundance and Berlin, as well as more than 30 other festival prizes. Walker also collected both the Pare Lorentz Award and also the Best Documentary Feature Award at the International Documentary Association Awards. Presenter Morgan Spurlock handed Walker the award inside a garbage bag. Previously Walker had worn a black garbage bag to the New York theatrical premiere of 'Waste Land'

'Blindsight' followed the emotional journey of six blind Tibetan teenagers who climb up the north side of Mt. Everest with their hero, blind American mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer, and their teacher, Sabriye Tenberken, who founded Braille Without Borders, the only school for the blind in Tibet.

Blindsight premiered at Toronto and won further Audience Awards at Ghent, AFI and Palm Spring film festivals and nominations for Best Documentary at the Grierson Awards and British Independent Film Award
I was contacted in late 2008 by New Line Cinema's producers, seeking permission to use material from my short film 'Swim' in the trailer for 'My Sister's Keeper'

At 14 seconds from the start - right after Cameron Diaz's close up - 3 short shots from ‘Swim’ appear.

You can watch the trailer here.
We’re excited to announce “Walter Ate a Peanut,” by Bent director Robin Willis, made the shortlist at Cannes.

“Walter” was among 10 finalists in two competitions at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner. The films were selected by a panel of professionals and curators from a field of more than 2000 entrants.

“Walter Ate a Peanut” is a live-action short film that chronicles the life and demise of Walter, a man who was born deathly allergic to peanuts.

It is available for your viewing pleasure here as well as on his webpage,