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Boffswana and DTDigital combined with Honda Australia to create an Australian first Interactive 'Dream Wall' Installation for the Australian International Motor Show. Visitors to the show created their own dreams using cutting-edge facial recognition and emotion sensing technology.
Through detection of a person’s smile, 10,000 dreams were created in 10 days.

The installation features a series of 6 cameras concealed along the front of the screens which track and detect motor show attendees as they walk past.

Via the camera data captured, the software can detect peoples face positioning and features in real time. The detection data is used by the software to then calculate what it “sees” and determine details of the show attendees such as gender, age and emotions such as happy, sad, etc. Based on this data the application delivers different messages to the show attendees including the “generation of dreams” in the form of motion graphic animations.

This is the first interactive experience of it’s kind in Australia and only the second in the world (the first was an ice cream vending machine by SapientNitro for Unilever). The installation software integrates the Fraunhofer technology SHORE (Sophisticated Highspeed Object Recognition Engine) which is a highly optimized software library for face and object detection and fine analysis.

The resulting experience is both very compelling and highly intuitive; motor show attendees are greeted by a hummingbird, who detects their position and encourages them to smile – before leading them through the experience of generating their own dream on an enormous wall of 24 x 42″ plasma screens – 2.1 meters high x 5.5 meters wide.

Boffswana was responsible for the technical development, design, 3D, animation and sound design supplied by our sister company Flagstaff
A huge thanks to DTDigital for getting us involved with their fantastic, adventurous and trusting client – Honda Australia.
For the global release of the Clash of the Titans movie Warner Bros approached Boffswana to help them Release the Kraken!

Using a Unity3D custom built 3D webplayer Boffswana were able to create an augmented reality experience that brings the ferocious fictional sea monster to life in a realistic ocean environment.

Once released people could get the Kraken to roar or strike via keyboard activation.

The use of this type of 3D engine in augmented reality is a world first in entertainment marketing.

Remember to turn up the speaker volume.
Boffswana Wins At B&T Awards Boffswana wins Digital Services Company of the Year!

We are excited to announce Boffswana won the “Digital Services Company of the Year” Award at the Annual B&T Dinner on Friday 4th December 2009.

A big thanks from everyone at Boffswana to B&T for recognising our hard work and achievements in the last 12 months. An even bigger thanks to all our clients for so many great opportunities - we could not have done it without you!

Boffswana was also a finalist in the Emerging Agency of the Year category.
Boffswana Welcomes 3rd FWA !!! “The FWA is an industry recognized award program, showcasing websites who use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations.” - Rob Ford, FWA Principle.

We have now received our 3rd FWA Site of the Day Award:

Optus - Whale Song Awarded 9th September 2009

Other awarded sites: for Carmichael Lynch for George Patterson Y&R