'Living with With Passion' is the basis for BMW's latest brand campaign. The campaign saw the Tribe team travel to 4 major cities in China, documenting 14 people from very different backgrounds including sporting personalities, engineers, pilots and other people 'living with passion'. The result was 6 films that are being used across a variety of platforms. Featured here is a Directors Cut overviewing the campaign.
Gerolsteiner is directed by Tribe's Matthaus Bussman for the Germany' most popular mineral water brand and biggest German mineral water exporter.
Shot over 3 days on Western Australia's Lake Lafroy, Daniel Askill's recent spot for Virgin is a part of a full re-brand for the airline.

Thousands of parts elegantly dance through the air, converging to create a Virgin Australia Boeing 777. This epic and beautiful spectacle climaxes in the arrival a full ensemble of Virgin flight attendants.

The music score features Megan Washington performing S'Wonderful.
We have just completed a very 'unique' campaign featuring international basketball stars Kevin Love and Stephon Marbury in a music & basketball experiment for 361 sport wear & Ogilvy Beijing.

Directed by Greenpoint's The Hudson Dusters (Michael Kuhn and Niles Roth), the experiment saw basketball superstars Kevin Love and Stephon Marbury each jam with musicians for a day to a create an original melody. In this impromptu-unscripted scenario, the basketballer’s movements served to inspire the beat and melody played by the musicians. To compliment each basketballer’s style, the directors' chose a different musical genre and environment for each scenario.
The first experiment saw Stephon Marbury jam with a world champion hip-hop DJ (DJ Shiftee), on an urban roof top court. Both native New Yorkers, Marbury is a quintessential street ball player who grew up playing ball not far from the same streets where hip-hop was invented and Shiftee learnt his craft. Marbury's style and Hip-hop music are perfectly in sync. Throughout the day, Marbury and Shiftee experiment and develop a routine of plays, tricks and handles that makes for a frenetic and electrifying performance.

For the second experiment, The Hudson Dusters felt Kevin Love's more classic style of play lent itself perfectly to classical music. Filmed at his old alma mater UCLA, Love is paired with 3 classical musicians - a cellist, timpani drummer and violinist. The cellist and timpani drummer were chosen to bring powerful, big, and gassy sounds much like Kevin's plays on the court. To accentuate the more elegant and graceful elements of Love's game, his speed and ball handling skills, a violinist was chosen. In contrast to the frenetic pace of Stephon Marbury's & DJ Shiftee's performance, Kevin Love and the classical musicians developed a piece that starts suspenseful and then builds in a powerful and dramatic crescendo.

We created 30 sec TVCs and longer form spots about the experiment. To watch longer forms, please click on the links below to watch:

Kevin Love long form edit

Stephon long form edit
We have released a new campaign which features an animated Robin Hood character for an Asian Insurance company. He is bumbling goofy Robin Hood with a great heart. We have developed the character from scratch.We have made 2 commercials, one released and the other releasing later this year or even next year.

The campaign is a lot of fun.
'Irresistible Chunks' is our 2nd TVC for the Chips Ahoy brand this year. The spot celebrates the launch of 'Chunky' a new brand of cookie and a character. 'Chunky' has bigger chocolate chunks and is way more mucho but slighter dimmer than our loveable Base cookie. Chunky puts on a dramatic show of power in his first TVC, spurred on by a thumping rock & roll track.
Tribe are pleased to announce the signing of European renowned director, Matthaus Bussmann. We recently worked with Matthaus on Red Bull's Chinese New Year campaign. Matthaus' youthful edge and strong visual styles him in demand with youth brands such as Opel Adam Cars, Sony Ericsson, Bayer, Deichmann, VW and even Porsche.
Minivegas recently helped Wieden & Kennedy Portland and Procter & Gamble transform a wild animal into the Chief Director of Marketing for Old Spice. The “Mr. Wolfdog” campaign was a completely immersive social marketing campaign that fired on every single cylinder imaginable. On a Monday morning, Minivegas took over all of Old Spice’s social channels (FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc) with messages from Wolfdog. Then each day featured more and more content, including a series of How To Films, an eye contact website, and many live streaming stunts via Google Hangouts, uStream and Xbox Live. Minivegas handled all content for this campaign including website and banner ad creation in addition to live action production, post, and animation. For the live events, Minivegas created a WebGL application that tracked Wofldog’s movements and allowed them to turn his “speech collar” into an audio reactive piece of software. With a toolbox of video elements, cables, adapters, and caffeine, Minivegas were able to control Wofldog’s every movement and live interact with Old Spice’s fans for 5 days until the corporate world got it’s best of Wolfdog and he went his own way. The campaign was a perfect mix of Minivegas' multi-media and post capabilities.

A wonderful mix of visual and audio. Maxime Bruneel directs this beautiful film for Nespresso, shot at high frame rates to capture the liquids gracefully descending. The different coloured liquids representing the full Nespresso range of coffee.
Chips Ahoy's wildly successful ‘Convertible’ campaign launched the brand in China and is one of the nation's most loved and recognised ads.

Tribe & Bent were thrilled to be part of 'bringing convertible back' to the Chinese public with Chips Ahoy's new ‘Love Story' campaign.

Designed to be a SEQUEL, the new campaign literally stirs things up with our Cookie guy falling in love with a Chocolate Lady!!

This cute, retro stylized film will surely remind you of your first crush. Be sure to watch it with your sweetheart.